About Us

We at Zazi have a nice team of people that work with us in various ways. Some are employees, some are suppliers, some are customers, some are advisors.

Some work part-time, some full-time, but all work hard. And most have been connected to us for a long time.
If you want to read some stories about the various people that together form the Zazi Brands company - look here.

LoFff is for girls. Girls that dance. Girls that play. Girls that explore. But especially for those girls that are having fun. Enjoying life. And being a girl.

LoFff is for parents. For parents that adore their daughters. For parents that realize kids are not small adults but a species onto themselves. And who want to enjoy that. For as long as it lasts.

LoFff is a feeling. Frequently we hear that people have fallen in love with LoFff. Whether they live in Olos, Moscow, Cork or Amsterdam. We hear of girls that refuse to take off their new LoFff garment and want to actually sleep in it. This is what LoFff can do to you. If you are prepared to let it happen.

LoFff is love. Love for the girls who wear it. It's soft, easy to wear and comfortable. Love for the parents who buy it and who wash it. Love for the people that work together to make it happen.

The collection of LoFff is a collection of Love.

All our designs are still drawn by hand. Starting with pencil and paper. We strongly believe that this is where the soul of a garment originates, something that can never be achieved by using a drawing programme, or designing a garment on the laptop. All the technical stuff needed to make it work is added later on. But that first drawing is what makes LoFff garments alive, and we are convinced that is one of the reasons why our garments turn out to be loved so much by the girls that wear them.

Then our garments are meant to show off the girl, and not the dress. We think little girls are adorable creatures - in all their diversities. Fashion is a beautiful business to be in, but any fashion (for girls small and not so small) should be a supporting act, not a prima donna.

We make garments that are easy to put on and take off - so that your girls can dress themselves from an early age. We take care they are comfortable to wear, soft to the touch, and most are made from fabric that stretches a little, taking care they have a wide fit range.

Most of our items are easy to wash, and if you have a tumble dryer with a low-heat option, you can tumble dry most things. Do take care with embellishments however - they may not survive this treatment. Putting your garment in a washing bag is never a bad idea. For any garment. And yes, we do have some garments with special care instructions - because we just could not resist THAT fabric, or THIS decoration.

If you want to read more about LoFff, you can go to www.lofff.com.

Interested in our company? Go to www.zazi-brands.com